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Assessment – Assistive Technology Evaluations – All Teachers

Assistive technology evaluations are conducted to determine whether a student who is visually impaired requires specialized technology in order to participate in the curriculum with maximum independence. Assistive technology evaluations are conducted by EVS Turnkey Trainers, in conjunction with the Vision Technology Coordinator and District 75’s Technology Solutions office.

Please note that assistive technology devices cannot be added to a student’s IEP without the completion of an assistive technology evaluation.

TVI’s may be asked to update the existing FVA in order to reflect changes due to the student’s academic environment in school or classroom assignment, because the visual condition has improved or worsened or for other reasons as requested by Tech Solutions and/or the Borough Supervisor.

If there is a disagreement between Vision Technology Coordinator and the AT evaluator regarding the final recommendations in the evaluation, the Director of EVS and the Director of Tech Solutions will review the findings together and will then make a final decision.

Once the evaluation is completed, the recommended devices should be added to the Recommended Special Education Programs/Services page of the IEP, in the Assistive Technology Devices and/or Services section. Per DOE procedures, devices are to listed by generic type (ie CCTV, portable reading device, etc.) and not by specific model or manufacturer’s name.

Information regarding the process of requesting an assistive technology evaluation and detailing the roles and responsibilities of the student’s TVI can be found on the EVS website:

Return to EVS Guidelines page.

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