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Absences – All Staff

Report any absence or lateness to Raquel Cristo, EVS Payroll Secretary, at the EVS office by 7:30 AM to her email or by leaving a voice message at 917-256-4259. Even if you have a flexible schedule (i.e. O&M Teacher) you still need to follow this protocol.

All related service providers and paraprofessionals who are absent or late must indicate the absence/lateness on their EVS Monthly Attendance Record. Related service providers and paraprofessionals should also notify their individual school sites of any absence/lateness.

12:1:1 teachers, classroom paraprofessionals, and O&M paraprofessionals should follow the procedures for reporting absence/lateness in their respective schools, in addition to notifying the EVS office.

Employees earn one day towards their CAR (Cumulative Absence Reserve) each month worked.  This adds up to ten days per school year (September through June).

Teachers and Paraprofessionals are allowed 10 self-treated sick days per school year (September through June).  If additional absences occur, medical documentation is required to avoid payroll deduction.

You may be asked to provide medical documentation for absences lasting longer than 2 days consecutively.

Each EVS employee is allowed to use 3 of their 10 self-treated sick days for personal business annually, subject to the approval of the EVS Director. Personal business is defined as something that cannot be done at any time other than during school hours and includes caring for family members who are ill. Please keep in mind that the number of personal business days you use reduces the number of self-treated days you have.

Self-treated absences are to be taken for personal illness only. They may not be taken for other reasons. 

Religious observance days must be requested 7 calendar days in advance.  Approval is at the discretion of the EVS Director as per Chancellor’s Regulation C-606.  Religious observance days are not automatically granted.  

It is the employee’s responsibility to call Subcentral in the AM when absent.

Whenever possible, all employees should notify the EVS office 7 days in advance when an absence is anticipated. If you cannot follow the above guidelines, communicate your needs and give us as much advance notice as possible.  We will try our best to accommodate your requests.

Excessive absences, lateness or patterns of absence (i.e. every Monday or Friday or absences preceding a holiday) will be noted and reviewed Such patterns may result in disciplinary action and/or an unsatisfactory rating.

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