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Attendance Recording – Teacher

Complete the EVS Monthly Attendance Record at the end of each month and send the original, signed form to Raquel Cristo by USPS or through her email (no faxes) within one month of the previous month’s attendance. You must have a school signature (principal or principal’s designee) for each school where you have provided service during the month. If you are not able to send it within the required time period, please call the EVS office or email to explain why.

If your scheduled times differ on different days, note each day’s time in the upper corner of the box on the monthly attendance form.

If adjustments cause any modification in your official work hours, note this in the corner box on your record, and notify the EVS Payroll Secretary, Raquel Cristo, preferably by email. 

Sign in each time you enter a school to provide service.  This is imperative!!  It documents your attendance at that site on that day.  Sign-in procedures at sites may vary and you should follow the procedures at the school.  Ideally, you will sign in at the security desk and in the visitor’s book in the main office.  If a school asks you to use the time clock, you will be required to do this as well.

All monthly attendance records and timesheets must be filled out completely. If you have filled out any EVS or DOE documents partially, they will not be accepted and will be returned to you. That also includes teacher’s student schedules.

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