Image of BrailleWriters and BookPorts on a classroom desk

Braille/Large Print Book Orders – All Teachers

Orders for hard-copy Braille and large print books should be placed as soon as possible. The required forms are available on the EVS website. Send Braille and large print book orders to EVS, Attn: Gregory Santamoor, via USPS or email at The deadline for ordering braille or large print books for September 2018 delivery is May 25, 2018

Verify that your students have received the hard-copy Braille and large print books you have ordered by e-mail to Victor Rodriguez with the ISBN number. Sign and send to EVS, Attn: Victor Rodriguez, packing slips that accompany any books that you receive.  Be diligent about the verification of receipt for Braille and large print books. This information is necessary to pay the invoices.

Braille and large print books should be obtained in electronic format whenever possible and appropriate, for use with Braille notetakers and other portable reading devices. This will increase efficiency and reduce bulk and cost. Accessible textbooks can be obtained from many organizations, including Bookshare, APH, Learning Ally, NIMAC, BARD, and Project Gutenberg. If you need assistance obtaining accessible textbooks electronically, contact your turnkey trainer. Additionally, a textbook’s publisher may also be contacted directly for electronic files. Most publishers are very cooperative and willing to help.

If you do not receive a Braille or large print book that you have ordered in a timely manner, contact the EVS Director. It is essential that you follow up on this and ensure that all students receive necessary learning materials.

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