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Assessment – Braille – All Teachers

Any student who may benefit from Braille instruction at any time in their educational progress should have a Learning Media Assessment (LMA) completed in order to justify the use of Braille instruction.

The LMA may be combined with the FVA as long as all of the necessary components are included for both.

Braille Assessments are required for all students who are currently receiving IEP-mandated instruction in Braille or who are utilizing Braille as a primary or secondary literacy medium.

The EVS Braille assessment consists of a timed oral reading sample, chosen by the TVI and at an appropriate instructional level for the student, which is used to determine a student’s braille reading rate (in words per minute) and accuracy. EVS braille assessments are conducted two times per year.

Enter Braille assessment results in the student Database two times per year. The first should be entered by the month of December and the second by the month of June. This information is used to track and to report progress in our students’ development of compensatory literacy skills in accordance with expanded core curriculum for students with visual impairments.

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