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Carfare Reimbursement – All Staff

Use the TRAC system to request approval to use your vehicle. This must be done on a monthly basis and may be done one or two months prior to the month of use of your vehicle. Use the TRAC system to request reimbursement for ground transportation and private vehicle use as well as bus tolls for field trips. The TRAC website is Send TRAC requests to the EVS Director. Submit your requests each month. Requests that are two months late or later may not be approved. Tolls or receipts (i.e., EZ Pass Statements) must be electronically attached in TRAC if you request reimbursement for such expenditures. The assistance number for District 75 employees is on the opening screen of the TRAC login system.

Use an unlimited monthly MetroCard if you take public transportation and your carfare exceeds the pay as you go costs of the unlimited MetroCard per month. If your expenses are less than the cost of the monthly MetroCard, you will only be reimbursed the actual cost of the trips.  Teachers and paraprofessionals who pay a reduced fare should indicate the same on the reimbursement form, e.g. $1.25 instead of $2.75 per trip.

For private vehicle use, the maximum amount allowed per day is $8.40.

Complete all items on the TRAC form. Incomplete forms will be rejected and sent back to you for correction. Only one TRAC request per month is allowed.

Carfare between schools is reimbursable. Carfare from work to home or home to work is not.

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