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EVS Student Database Web Instructions

You can make any changes as they occur throughout the school year. You can access the student database and make changes from any computer as well as on an iPad. The database is also now fully accessible with JAWS and VoiceOver. In addition, you can use the web browser's built in zoom feature (Ctrl or Command+) to make the database easier to read.

To access the EVS Student Database, click link on the EVS Staff Resources page and it will bring you to the login to the EVS Databases page. On the page that comes up, titled, "Instant Web Publishing," click on the "EVS Student Database" link (ignore any other links on that page for now). You will now be able to log in and update the EVS Student Database.

To log in, your Account Name is you last name, in all lower case letters. Your Password to log in is your seven digit file number (if you only have a six digit file number, put a 0 in front of the six digits). For those teachers who share the same surname and teachers with hyphenated or "Mac" names, your login is slightly different. You will receive an email with your login information.

Please note - you will only be able to access the student database when on a computer or iPad connected to the DOE network. You will not be able to open or view the database from home or any other site outside the DOE network. This, as well as the double password access described above, is done for security purposes.

When you see the opening green welcome screen, click anywhere on it to continue. You will automatically be shown only the students on your caseload. Your file number is blocked for security reasons.

To make changes, simply click on the field that needs to be updated and type in the correct information. You'll notice that along the top of the database webpage, where the number of students on your caseload is listed,  there are now three buttons - Submit, Cancel, and Revert. These buttons only appear if you click on a data field and are in edit mode. If you have not edited a field, you are in view mode and the navigation bar appears in that area.

If you have a student who is not in the database, notifiy Victor via email,, and he will add the student. You will only need to make sure the information is accurate and fill in any missing data. If there is a student assigned to you who is not on your caseload, you cannot delete the record. Instead, you should clear your name from the Teacher Last Name and Teacher First Name fields. Once you have done so, email your supervisor as well as Victor to let them know that you removed the student from your caseload in the database and if you know the student's status (ie graduated, moved out of NYC, etc.), include that in the email.

The web version of the database does not automatically save. When you are done entering the information on that page, you need to click on the Submit button to save it. Submit is the equivalent of saving and, just like you wouldn’t write up an entire MS Word report without saving until you have completed it, it is a good idea to hit Submit and save changes regularly if you are filling out a page with a lot of data. You will return to the database navigation mode. Just click on any field to continue editing. If you make a mistake, you can click on the Cancel button to clear any changes you have made. You should click on the Submit button before navigating to another entry page or student to make sure your changes are saved.

The database navigation has changed slightly. Along the right side of the webpage, you will see several buttons, You can use them to navigate between the students on your caseload, or forwards and backwards through the various data entry pages. Along the bottom of the database webpage are navigation buttons that allow you to jump directly to a specific data information page. When you are done with your updates or just reviewing the information, click on the Log Out button on the top right corner of the webpage.

To adjust the size of the content inside your browser window, use the following keyboard shortcuts:

Increase size

Mac: Cmd +
Win: Ctrl +

Decrease size

Mac: Cmd -
Win: Ctrl -

Return to default size

Mac: Cmd 0
Win: Ctrl 0