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EVS Student Database Web Instructions

You can access the student database and make changes as they occur throughout the school year from any computer as well as on an iPad. The database is also now fully accessible with JAWS and VoiceOver. In addition, you can use the web browser’s built in zoom feature (Ctrl or Command+) to make the database easier to read.

To access the EVS Student Database, click link on the EVS Staff Resources page. The link is also available on the navigation bar under “Quick Links.” On the page that comes up, titled, “Instant Web Publishing,” click on the “EVS Student Database” link. You will now be able to log in and update the EVS Student Database.

The page that opens up will say “Sign in to open "EVS Student Database".” Enter the Account Name, which is your last name, in all lower case letters (For those teachers who share the same surname and teachers with hyphenated or "Mac" names, your login is slightly different. You will receive an email with your login information). Your Password to log in is your seven digit file number (if you only have a six digit file number, put a 0 in front of the six digits). Click the “Sign In” button. If you receive an error while trying to log in, contact Victor to reset your password.

Three windows will pop up – Sign in to open "OM Database", Sign in to open "evs assistive tech evaluations web", and Sign in to open "Vision Tech Inventory". On each of these windows, leave the login boxes empty and click on “Sign In as Guest.” They are there to simply fill in information from related databases.

Once you finish logging in, you will be brought to the Teacher Information Page and only the students on your caseload will be listed. To make changes, click on the field that you want to update and type in the new information. When you leave the edit box, the information is automatically saved and updated.

If a student on your caseload is not in the database, notify Victor via email,, and he will add the student. You will only need to make sure the information is accurate and fill in any missing data. If there is a student assigned to you who is not on your caseload, again notify Victor via email, If you know the student’s status (ie graduated, moved out of NYC, is on a different teacher’s caseload, etc.), include that in the email. You cannot delete the record.

The database navigation has changed slightly. Along the right side of the webpage, you will see several buttons, you can use them to navigate between the students on your caseload as well as move to the next and previous pages in the database. Along the bottom of the webpage are navigation buttons that allow you to jump directly to a specific page. When you are done with your updates or just reviewing the information, click on the down arrow button on the top left corner of the webpage then click on “Sign Out.”

Please note - you will only be able to access the student database when on a computer or iPad connected to the DOE network. You will not be able to open or view the database from home or any other site outside the DOE network. This is done for security purposes. If you have any trouble accessing the database page, you may need to change the location/proxy settings on your computer. Also, if you are entering a large amount of information (such as when you fill out the Progress Reports), you should click out of the edit box after entering a sentence or two to save what you have written before continuing to enter more.

To adjust the size of the content inside your browser window, use the following keyboard shortcuts:

Increase size

Mac: Cmd +
Win: Ctrl +

Decrease size

Mac: Cmd -
Win: Ctrl -

Return to default size

Mac: Cmd 0
Win: Ctrl 0