Help with the Department of Education's email system

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If you have any questions about accessing your DOE Email account, first take a look at the DOE TeacherMail site. For more assistance, look at the DOE TeacherMail Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you are having trouble accessing the email page from a DOE school site when using an iMac or eMac, you need to reset the proxy on that computer. Click here for directions how to fix the proxy.

If you are having problems logging in, try the following:
1. Do not log in using Favorites or Bookmarks. Instead type into your web browser address or location box.
2. You can type your complete email address (ie. in the user name box to log in, leaving out the "central" or "district". Do not use the "Remember Password" feature on a school computer that others might use.

3. If you cannot get into your email account after trying to log in twice, click on the address line and press the return key. This may work.
4. If you are locked out after 3 tries, wait 20 minutes, and try again.
5. Ask Help Desk to reset password using their self support page. It is usually reset to "Welcome1" You need to obtain a Magic ID from the Help Desk the first time you use the self support page. The link is on the for your Magic ID is at the bottom of the self support page.
6. When all else fails, call the Help Desk at 718-935-5100.


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