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Eye Reports – All Teachers

Review SESIS records in September and ensure that each student record contains a medical eye report (E12S) that has been completed within the past 3 years. E12S reports must be filed on-site at the student’s school and faxed/uploaded into SESIS.

If a current medical eye report is not available, write to the student’s parents and send an E12S eye report form for completion by the student’s ophthalmologist. See the EVS website for a suggested letter to use. Document your efforts to secure required medical information by creating an event in the student’s SESIS record. Notify your EVS Supervisor by email if your efforts to obtain updated medical information are unsuccessful.

It is essential that EVS has current medical eye information on every child we serve. Make sure that both your student database and the student’s IEP contain updated and accurate information regarding the student’s visual diagnosis and visual functioning.

If you receive an updated eye report that may lead to your student being ineligible for vision services, please immediately inform your supervisor and request a re-evaluation. Parents/caregivers must be informed that you would like to pursue this and it must be documented that you discussed this with them before moving forward. This can be documented in SESIS as an event. Then (or same day) you would alert the school the child is attending (usually the school psychologist or IEP manager) that you would like to request an evaluation that could lead to a discontinuation of the service. If and when the evaluation is approved, please either do an updated evaluation on the student (does not have to be as in depth as the original FVA) or request that another TVI does the evaluation. All actions taken must be reported to your supervisor and if an updated FVA will be done, the evaluation coordinator must be informed so she is able to track and assist with the evaluation. Once the updated FVA is complete, send it to your supervisor to be reviewed and approved. If approved, send it to the school’s IEP manager/coordinator or psychologist working with you on this. They will then most likely reconvene an IEP meeting to then make a final decision to either discontinue the service or to decrease the mandate.

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