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Individualized Education Plans – All Teachers

Triennial Reviews and Requested Re-evals

Provide the SBST at the school with the following documents when you are a notified of a scheduled triennial or a requested reevaluation:

  • All students – an updated FVA, including recommendations for literacy media, curricular materials, adaptations, testing accommodations, and service mandates related to a student’s visual impairment and visual functioning.
  • All students – a current medical eye report (E12S).
  • Students receiving O&M – an O&M Progress Report (obtained from the EVS O&M teacher) with updated recommendations for the use of mobility tools/techniques and service mandates.

You may not increase or decrease a related service or recommend or remove an O&M paraprofessional without consulting your EVS Supervisor beforehand. EVS Supervisors are required to consult with the EVS Director on all matters related to the addition of an O&M paraprofessional to a student’s IEP. Be advised that students with O&M paraprofessionals must have been evaluated for O&M services by an O&M teacher and must receive O&M as a related service.

Annual Reviews

IEPs must be completed in a timely fashion. Complete annual reviews by the anniversary date of the last IEP conference. Make sure that the SBST and the educational team in the student’s school is involved and engaged in the IEP process. Make sure that each student’s IEP contains accurate and updated information regarding visual functioning, visual diagnosis, required adaptations and accommodations, related services, and assistive technology devices. Secure approval in writing from your EVS Supervisor for all recommendations to increase related services in vision or O&M.

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