Gregory Santamoor,
EVS Director

Ketler Louissaint,


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Which is your favorite part of the sport?

Kitesurfing is a thrilling sport that I have been a fan of since childhood. You don't need to have any prior experience to enjoy the sport. Although it's high-risk, you can make rapid progress.

It's also an excuse to travel. I love to travel. I spend half of my year traveling and add stamps to my passport.

What was your initial goal when you started competing?

My first goal was to find a sponsor. I didn't want my passion to be costly financially. After that, I was hooked on competing. Funny thing is that I wasn't very competitive in kitesurfing.Replica Watches I found it appealing that we were judged according to the time and not arbitrarily. Our results are dependent on us, not other judges.

How can you deal with the stress that comes with a competition?

It all comes down to preparation. When I am well prepared, I feel relaxed when I go to a competition. If I feel unprepared or injured with a board or if there are aspects of the equipment I don't have control over, it really stresses me. It's all in your head. 40% of my performance in competitions is mental.

Are there any rituals that you use to calm yourself before a competition begins?

At first, I went to competitions by myself. But, in recent years, I have been going with a support group that includes a coach. He helps me prepare for the competition and also helps me debrief afterward. He also gives me advice and looks at the competition. It is a great help to me to surround myself with people who can help get me into the right mode. Friends who are in the same boat as me and know the circuit.