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Equipment – All Teachers


Maintain a current and updated inventory of all EVS equipment that is provided by the Department of Education, including APH equipment such as VisioBooks, Refreshabrailles, etc.  An updated inventory of EVS computers, assistive technology and other equipment that is kept in your classrooms or used by you or your students must be submitted to the EVS Director annually or when there is a change.  Teachers are responsible for all equipment on their inventory.  If you are unsure whether an item should be included on your inventory or not, please contact your EVS Supervisor.

During the next several months, you will receive a copy of your most recent equipment inventory on file at the EVS office.  Review the inventory carefully, make all necessary additions and deletions, sign the revised inventory and return one copy to Gregory Santamoor by the date indicated. Completion of your inventory is a critical issue to EVS and is a matter that requires scrupulous attention. Remember to sign and date this form. This is a DOE requirement.

Ensure that all EVS equipment is clearly labeled “Property of EVS NYCDOE.”

Off-Site Use

Assistive technology is often recommended for student use both in school and at home. If a student needs to use DOE-provided assistive technology at home, his/her IEP must reflect this in two places: on the Student Needs Related to Special Factors page and on the Recommended Special Education Programs and Services page under Assistive Technology Devices and/or Services. Contact your EVS Turnkey Trainer if you have any questions or concerns.

Additionally, the student’s TVI must complete an off-site equipment form (see EVS website) for any equipment that is lent to students or to school personnel for home use. Send the completed off-site equipment form to the EVS Director via email at The EVS Director must approve off-site use of equipment in writing before the equipment is removed from the site. The equipment must be entered into the EVS equipment database before it is removed from the site.


District 75 will be responsible for all repairs of equipment including Perkins Braillewriters, APH Refreshabrailles, laptop and desktop computers, digital magnification devices, braille embossers, portable reading devices, braille notetakers, etc. Contact your EVS Turnkey Trainer for assistance in obtaining equipment repairs.


Students who graduate or leave the NYC public school system need to return all equipment purchased by the NYC Department of Education. The student’s teacher should retrieve equipment from students and return directly to the EVS Director at the EVS Office either in person or via USPS.

EVS staff that retire or leave the DOE must return all equipment purchased by the NYC Department of Education to the EVS Director upon departure. Return equipment to the EVS Office either in person or via USPS.

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