Image of BrailleWriters and BookPorts on a classroom desk

Assessment – O&M Evaluation – All Teachers

Students who are blind and visually impaired may require specialized related services in O&M for safe and independent travel for school activities. A decision to recommend services in O&M is based on the results of an evaluation conducted by EVS O&M staff.

To request an O&M evaluation for a student, an O&M Evaluation Request Form, up-to-date E12S, and signed parental consent must be forwarded to your EVS Supervisor or to the EVS Director via email or by fax at 917-256-4230. Additional information and the appropriate forms can be found on the EVS website.

An EVS O&M Screening is no longer necessary. If any EVS teacher feels a student needs an O&M evaluation, it will be done without the screening.

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