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Observations – All Teachers

EVS teachers can be observed at any school at any time with or without advanced notice. Teachers should make sure to follow their schedules to be at their scheduled sites. Schedule changes (particularly site schedule changes) must be reported to the EVS office to avoid misunderstandings. If a supervisor comes to your school to observe you, and you have changed your schedule without notifying the EVS Office/Supervisor, the supervisor has the option of giving you an unsatisfactory rating for the lesson. Avoid misunderstandings and possible negative ratings by communicating clearly with supervision. If you are scheduled to be at a particular site, be there or notify the EVS office.

Lesson plans must be available for review on the date of observation. Failure to write lesson plans may lead to a negative rating.

Teacher evaluation is based on many factors which include, but are not limited to:

  1. Clarity of teaching points and implementation of the same, including knowledge of student visual functioning and needs; knowledge of content taught; knowledge of student strengths and weaknesses, and attention to student health, safety and welfare.
  2. Use of appropriate adaptive teaching techniques.
  3. Use of appropriate adaptive teaching materials and resources.
  4. Quality of transcribed braille and tactile graphics, proper use of English.
  5. Level of difficulty of instruction. Instruction should not be too difficult or too easy. It should be appropriately challenging to promote growth.
  6. Student participation, including use of questions and discussion techniques, engaging students in learning, using assessment in instruction, collecting evidence of student growth.
  7. Maintenance of accurate records and plans, communication with school staff and family.
  8. Maintenance of good relations with other teachers and supervision and willingness to show flexibility in assignments.
  9. Creation of a climate of respect and rapport, including establishing routines, managing behaviors and organizing physical space.
  10. Punctuality and compliance of mandated length of instruction.

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