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Procedures for obtaining

Educational Vision Services

For students not currently mandated for
vision services who are suspected of
having a visual impairment:

If a referral is made for a student who may benefit from receiving vision services, please follow these steps:

  1. The school the student attends or a CPSE/CSE member contacts the respective borough EVS Supervisor.

  2. An eye report is requested (usually the DOE/DOH E12S Form) to verify that the student is eligible for the Functional Vision Assessment.

        The eye report must be from an ophthalmologist or optometrist and must include the following information:
      • Visual diagnosis
      • Best corrected visual acuity in both eyes for near and far
      • Visual Field information

        Forward the completed eye report to:

        Cynthia Zambardino, EVS Evaluation Coordinator, or via fax at (917) 256-4230 in order to determine if an FVA is warranted. A copy of the eye report must also be provided to the SBST or appropriate IEP team. NOTE - the case must be open in SESIS and parental consent for evaluation must be on file in order for the FVA to be conducted. 

    • If the student is eligible, there must be a request for assessment and a consent for evaluation that is signed by the student’s parent or caregiver.

    • If an FVA is necessary, a representative of EVS will contact the IEP team and an evaluation will be scheduled by a teacher of the visually impaired.  The purpose of an FVA is to determine how a student uses vision to access educational materials within the school environment. The FVA may include the determination of recommended font, size, contrast, and focal distance of learning media, as well as suggested accommodations and testing modifications. If services are recommended, the FVA will include IEP goals and objectives with suggested frequency and duration of services.


Best corrected visual acuity of 20/70 or less in the better eye and/or a field restriction of 60 degrees or less, or restrictions in acuity or field of vision that interfere with the learning process.

For more information contact the EVS office via telephone at (917) 256-4259 or email the appropriate EVS Supervisor:

Gregory H. Santamoor, EVS Director and Bronx Supervisor,
Maria Fridas, EVS Queens and Staten Island Supervisor,
Giovanka Brignoni, EVS Brooklyn Manhattan Supervisor,

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