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Staff Development – All Teachers

Staff development will be conducted periodically throughout the year. Teachers in need of skill development or who have requested additional staff development should contact their supervisor and Jeannine Hobbes for additional assistance. Jeannine will be happy to schedule individual sessions of assistance on such topics as the workshop model, writing teaching points, the curriculum, assessment, adaptive techniques and others.

Teachers must register for District 75 sponsored PDs, including those specifically aimed at EVS staff, through the D75 Professional Development catalog.

New registration requirements for classroom teachers and school leaders holding a Permanent or Professional certificate, and Teaching Assistant Level III certificate holders

The 2015-2016 New York State Budget added a new provision to the Education Law which requires that, beginning in school year 2016-2017, all holders of teaching certificates, teaching assistance certificates, and educational leadership certificates which are valid for life (Permanent, Professional and Teaching Assistant Level III) register with the Department every five years and that the holders of the Professional and Teaching Assistant Level III certificates complete one hundred hours of continuing teacher and leader education during the five year registration period.

If a certificate holder is not currently practicing in New York at the time the holder is due to register with the Department, the certificate holder will be exempt from the registration requirement. These certificate holders will indicate to the Department that they are not currently practicing in New York and do not want to be registered.

If the holder of a Professional or Level III Teaching Assistant certificate is not practicing as a teacher, teaching assistant Level III or educational leader in a school district or Board of Cooperative Educational Services in New York State, they will be exempt from the continuing teacher and leader education requirement.

Continuing teacher and leader education must be provided by a Department approved sponsor in order to count toward the requirement.

The deadlines for registration will be determined on a rolling basis and the schedule will be posted on the Office of Teaching Initiatives website later this year.

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