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Related Service Assignment Forms (RSAF) – All Staff

When the DOE cannot assign a vision teacher to a vision-mandated student, the DOE issues a RSAF and sends it to the parent. This occurs mostly with students attending private and religious schools.

The parent looks for a NYS-certified vision teacher with the assistance of the CSE and EVS. There is a listing of RSA providers on the DOE website. In order to have your name placed on this listing, you must complete the appropriate application, available from Raquel Cristo, and return it to the EVS Director with a copy of your NYS teaching certificate. RSA work pays $90 per hour. Parents will check the listing to identify providers. When a provider cannot be identified from the listing, EVS often advertises for a provider. It behooves all vision teachers interested in RSA work to apply to be included on the listing. Apply early.

If you are an approved provider on the listing, you may serve early intervention (EI) students without a waiver from the conflict of interest committee. You may also serve school aged students in any district including the district where you work as a related service or 3R teacher. Three to five year old students also have a mass waiver. Check with the EVS Director as regulations change from time to time. The current waiver is posted on the EVS website.

It is strongly recommended that you consult with the EVS Director’s before serving any RSA students.

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