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Reimbursement Requests – All Teachers

Seek reimbursement for class activities related to educational trips or the development of ADL skills by following these procedures: (NB: Tax and tip are not reimbursable.)

  1. Before expenditure: Secure written approval in advance from the EVS Director by email or by completing form (see Website) and returning to EVS, Attn: Gregory Santamoor.
  2. After expenditure: Return signed approval with:
    • Original receipt with date, name of organization/store issuing receipt and with each expense listed. (If receipt does not provide a detailed listing of items, mark on receipt or list items separately.)
    • Roster of all people included in the expenditure (staff members and students).

You must receive prior written approval for expenditures from the Director by email or letter. You must attach this written approval to your reimbursement form. If you do not receive prior written approval, you may not be reimbursed for expenditures.

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