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Schedules – All Teachers

Complete, sign, date and send “Provider Schedule with Mandate As Per IEP” Form (see EVS website) to your EVS Supervisor by Friday, September 22, 2017. All forms must be digitally submitted. If schedules are not completely filled out, they may be returned to you.

PLEASE MAKE SURE THE DATA ON YOUR FORM IS ACCURATE AND COMPREHENSIVE. Related service providers should include travel time, prep time, and duty-free lunch on their schedules as per contract regulations.

Indicate the site you are taking your prep as it may not be transparent on your schedule.

Please do not enter Lunch at the beginning or end of the day.

All providers are able to include one full period per of SESIS. If more time is needed, please consult with your supervisor.

Keep a copy of each student’s class schedule.

It is recommended that you program the Senior high School and Intermediate School students first.

Unassigned or unaccounted for periods of time in your schedule, regardless of the reason must be approved by your supervisor.

Give a copy of your schedule to the school principal or designee as well as contact information so they will be able to reach you in the event of a school change that will affect your schedule.

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