Image of BrailleWriters and BookPorts on a classroom desk

EVS Professional Roles

Teacher of the Blind/Visually Impaired (TVI) provides educational vision instruction in Braille, assistive technology, and compensatory techniques. Assist student to gain full and equal access to the student’s curricula that is IEP driven. The TVI works closely with the student’s school, teachers and related services providers to ensure the student gains the highest level of independence. 

Orientation and Mobility Teacher 
Orientation and mobility (O&M) instruction enables blind and low vision students to learn safe and purposeful travel. 

O&M training is designed to improve the student's grasp of spatial and environmental concepts and use of information received by the senses for negotiating travel. We teach the use of low vision aids and/or the long cane to supplement visual travel skills for navigating the environment.

Orientation and Mobility Paraprofessional 
This position, if necessary, is recommended for a student by the student’s O&M Teacher after a thorough evaluation of his or her mobility needs. The one to one mobility paraprofessional works closely with the student to assist him or her to be safe, independent, travel in the school and to participate fully in the student’s classroom all under the direction of the classroom, mobility and vision teachers.


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