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EVS Databases on the Web - You can now update the student database and the O&M database online. This link will bring you directly to the EVS Databases page. The page that comes up will be titled, "Instant Web Publishing". For further instructions on how to log in to the Student Database, please click on the EVS Database Web Instructions link below.

EVS Database Web Instructions

EVS Assistive Technology Referral Form - Please make sure you fill the form in completely and include the student’s IEP, Functional Vision Assessment and E12S eye report. Please note - an incomplete referral will be returned, causing delay in scheduling the Assitive Technology Evaluation.

District 75 Professional Development Catalog - Register for PD’s sponsored by District 75. Trainings specifically aimed at EVS staff are in the Related Services-Vision section.

Find the wireless login information for any school site - You will need to login using your email ID (just the ID part, not the entire email address) and your email password. Enter the school information either by school name or school number. The school number format is the borough designation followed by the three digit school number (ie X721, M030).

Unified English Braille

UEB Information from BANA

UEB Rulebook, Second Edition, 2013

Unified English Braille Chart

UEB Braille Chart from Duxbury Systems

UEB Cheat Sheet

Teacher’s Choice

After logging in to the DOE Infohub site, click here to access the Teacher’s Choice 2019–20 page.

DOE School Year Calendars



SESIS Information -


SESIS for Dummies - A step by step instructional tool to help teachers and providers navigate the new
online IEP system.

SESIS IEP Crosswalk - A PowerPoint presentation comparing the SESIS IEP to the former NYCDOE IEP

SESIS for Related Service Providers - A PowerPoint presentation from our RS meeting

SESIS Viewing and Editing your Caseload

SESIS Scheduling Future Services

SESIS Recording a Service

Family Leave Act Employee Rights & Responsibilities

TRAC Information -

TRAC Login

TRAC Instruction Guide

Registration for District 75/EVS Professional Development

Mini Lesson Model

The IEP Roadmap (Expanded): Powerpoint Version or PDF Version

Computer Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows XP and Mac OSX

DOE Independent Provider Application

Tax Exempt Form

Government Entity Letter

Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library

Help with Department of Education Email

Jaws Tutorial

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