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Instructional Time – All Teachers and Paraprofessionals

Teachers and paraprofessionals will adhere to the schedule of the school where the majority of their day is spent.  Include specific start time and end time for each day on your EVS schedule. Related service teachers and ADA paraprofessionals should include travel time on their schedules.  Discuss any scheduling complications with your supervisor. You must work a 6 hour and 50 minute day and must attend required staff development sessions unless otherwise instructed and approved by your supervisor.

Give every school where you provide service a copy of your schedule.

Classroom paraprofessionals must assist the teacher with instruction and the preparation of instruction unless otherwise directed by EVS supervision. Classroom paraprofessionals must spend the entire day with their assigned class, including student breakfast and lunch, with the exception of one duty-free lunch period per day.

Individual paraprofessionals must spend the entire day except for duty-free lunch with their assigned student unless notified otherwise by the classroom teacher or EVS supervision. One to one paraprofessionals may be asked to work with other students in the classroom by the classroom teacher or to assist with other classroom duties also requested of other paraprofessionals in the classroom.

Paraprofessionals may not eat in the classroom during instructional time. Paraprofessional must keep their hands free while escorting a student or students from one location to another. Paraprofessionals should use appropriate O&M techniques to escort and monitor students during travel between locations within the school building and during school field trips.

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